Quality windows


Mass media has duped the public into believing vinyl is the only reasonable choice for replacement windows.  The truth is that replacement windows can be as customizable as the originals.

 Andersen and Pella both offer replacements in real wood windows.  Known for their quality construction and warranties, these windows can increase the efficiency of your home while keeping the look and feel of the original home.  Vinyl and aluminum cladding make the exterior of the house virtually maintenance free, while the interior can be made of different wood species and even stained or painted to match existing detail.


 Some excellent choices in windows are: Andersen, Pella, Simonton, Proview, PGT Eze-breeze and more. Mack and Sons is particularly proud to be your local Pella Certified Contractor. As such, we can offer preferred Pella pricing, get instant access to up-to-date product information, and expedite handling and warranty issues.

 There is universal agreement that one of the best investments to help owners retain value in their building and reduce energy costs is installation of energy-efficient windows. Contact us, and we will come to your home and discuss the benefits of fiberglass, composites, real wood or synthetic wood looks, in addition to vinyl in your choice of shades.  The sky is the limit.  Mack and Sons has experience deleting, changing, and moving window and door openings without compromising the stability of your framework. 

 Beyond choosing the size and shape of your window, you may choose grades of insulation value (R-factor), encased or external grilles, tinted glass and more.   Our millwork specialists can also accentuate your window with unique overlays (similar to those typically seen on fine cabinet doors with glass inserts).

There truly are few limits to what can be done to get the efficiency, light, protection, flexibility and appearance you want for any space in your home.

Additional window accents you might consider for your home are awnings, shutters, and window-boxes.  We’d like to share some of these options when we quote your free window bid.

Proper installation of your new windows is a must. Mack and Son’s installation team is trained to make sure that your windows are installed properly so that they perform efficiently and easily for years.  Our installation process uses the highest quality insulations, flashings and draft protection available today.  We provide you with multiple choices, make recommendations based on your preferences and follow through with professional service.  We will answer your questions, respect your property, and leave the area as neat as we found it.  And, we warranty our installation through the life of product.  Call or email us for more information.


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