New Construction

Mack and Sons has undergone many changes over the years: perhaps none more exciting than adding new building construction to our list of services. Our priorities are the same with construction projects as with remodeling projects: customer service and quality.

The first step is to get a broad idea of what you want. Then we compare your goal to your property area and local zoning regulations. We must be very thorough in this first phase. It is essential that the homeowner, our designers, and our construction technicians all work toward the same goal.

Next our staff will work up a realistic, three-dimensional, computer rendition of your finished structure. Or, if you prefer, we can work with a local architect. Visual imaging software now allows you to see your finished product right down to siding selection, trim, windows, doors and more.

Once the location and appearance of your structure are established, technicalities must be worked out. We will attend to permits and inspections; we will work within building codes and zoning restrictions.

Our contractors are fully versed in excavation, foundations, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, windows, doors, flooring and everything in between.

Since Mack and Sons will handle all the building details, you can focus on the decorative details.  For every selection you will need to make, we have preselected reputable vendors who will offer not only variety in selection but top-of-the-line merchandise as well. Quality materials, installed by our experts, ensure that every aspect of the job meets your expectations.

One last matter we encourage everyone to factor into account is planning ahead for retirement. Building certain features into your home can make later changes much less traumatic. These may also give you a sales advantage when you choose to sell your home. Please refer to our Aging in Place questionnaire to see if you’d like to incorporate simple elements such as wider hallways, stairways, and/or doorways.

Remember, Mack and Sons is ready to help with every aspect of your building process. We will work on your behalf until the job is complete, and we can hand the keys over to you — the satisfied customer.

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