Insulation and Drywall


Insulation is that invisible barrier we hope to achieve between the uncontrollable elements of outdoor space and the indoor elements we try to control. The less variance between body temperature and room temperature, the less furnace heat is required, hence lower fuel costs.

This invisible shield is the number one recommendation by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Building Technology to help consumers reduce energy bills. Reduction in fuel usage also reduces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emission which when multiplied by the number of consumers is significant.

Insulation may even help your home sell quicker and for a better price. Many home buyers make their purchasing decision with insulation in mind. Buyers can be easily check efficiency by comparing utility consumption and square footage from one home to another.

Mack and Sons can recommend an insulation product for your home. Fiberglass, mineral wool, cellulose, and sheet foam insulation products are available. Some are designed to be blown, others laid, and others nailed or stapled.

Choosing an appropriate insulation product alone may not maximize your home heating and cooling efficiencies. Insulated doors and windows play a major role too. A vapor and wind barrier will also help seal up your home.

Mack and Sons will show you the options and explain the procedures to you. We are meticulous in the installation process — sealing your home as we would our own. Contact Mack and Sons for a quote on insulating your home.


Drywall work is a benchmark by which any in-home job is judged. Walls are at the eye level of every person. Walls embody every room. Walls are the backdrop of every decorative scheme.

As a remodeling contractor, Mack and Sons has over twenty years of drywall expertise. We do drywall installations as well as extensive plaster and drywall repairs.

Many dry wall installers overlook the importance of proper hanging procedures. Screws instead of nails provide an anchor to your framing that will last for decades. Applying the proper “mud” in the proper sequence and allowing for adequate dry times are also essential for a rugged and flawless finish.

Matching a newly dry walled surface to an adjacent earlier finish takes painstaking patience and an artistic touch. Our experience in this type of work is invaluable when it comes to a long-lasting and invisible seam.

Let us quote your drywall project to be sure you will be satisfied with the finished product.

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