Excavation and Basement Waterproofing

Property Excavation

With our ever-growing fleet of vehicles and equipment, Mack and Sons stands ready to take on your excavation needs. We can dig, push and haul dirt, stone and debris whenever the need arises. We can clear the property in preparation for building and regrade it afterwards for your landscaping preferences.

Because we control our own excavation work, we can guarantee the quality of the job and move with greater momentum through the building process. While constructing new buildings and additions, we can install our own basements and foundations. We can put in drain and sewage fields, underground communication lines as well as electrical and plumbing systems.

The same benefits apply to our repair work. We can correct or bring up to code any type of underground system. We tackle difficult, underground drainage problems by installing footer drains, ditches, French drains and/or regrading surrounding topography.

Basement Waterproofing

A basement is one or more floors of a building that is either completely or partially below ground level. Basements are typically used as utility space for housing such items as the furnace; water heater; air-conditioning system, cable television, electrical distribution systems, and laundry appliances. Why not get more out of that space?

Before considering any basement remodeling, you must be confident the area will remain dry. Mack and Sons has been waterproofing and upgrading basements for decades. If you require waterproofing, we will evaluate your structure and topography to determine what waterproofing technique is right for your property.

There are excellent water proofing procedures that can be applied to the inside of your basement. For more severe problems, excavating around the perimeter of the structure and applying a waterproof membrane is a frequently used solution. Installing footer drains, ditches, and French drains can direct water away from your foundation. Regrading your lawn might be recommended. Mack and Sons will do what it takes to keep water from entering your home. Once free from water worries, you can move confidently through any basement remodel you desire.

By working with a firm that handles the excavation work as well as the building or repair work, a homeowner can reduce delays and the overall job cost. Contact Mack and Sons for an estimate on all your excavation needs.

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