Remodeling and Flooring


When you need a contractor to handle any type of alterations to your home, think, “MACK AND SONS.” Our uncompromising quality and customer service has kept us in business for decades.

The staff at Mack and Sons is trained to treat you and your home with respect. We make cleanliness a big part of every remodeling job. We mask off adjoining areas to keep dust migration to a minimum. We lay temporary floor coverings to protect your floors from our foot traffic. We also maintain neat work spaces. Finally, when the work is done, we leave the area as clean as we found it, this approach sets us apart from much of our competition.

Mack and Sons has been working on older homes for years. That means we have encountered all the various building techniques that have been used in this area. We respect the weight-bearing features built into each structure. Our experience in beam installation and framing support is extensive. So, even though we may change, move, delete or install walls and doorways; you can be certain your home will be as solid as or more solid than before we began alterations.

When such radical wall modifications are made, all your in-wall electric, plumbing and heating mechanicals must be rerouted. Because we are licensed by the State of Ohio in all these skills, you can be sure each redirect is handled properly, safely, and in compliance with the Ohio Revised Building Code.

Because Mack and Sons handles all the background details, you can devote your energies on what is uniquely important to you — the layout, the color scheme, the lighting, the fixtures, and other functional or decorative features you want. We work with local vendors and national brands suppliers to provide you with quality products that will fit both your wallet and style.

Perhaps you’d like your remodeling project to be a period renovation. Our skilled woodworkers can replicate most patterns using similar woods and stains to get the look you desire.

One matter we encourage everyone to factor into account is planning ahead for retirement. Building certain features into your remodel can make later changes much less traumatic. These may also give you a sales advantage when you choose to sell your home. Please refer to our Aging in Place page to see if you’d like to incorporate simple elements such as increased floor space, and wider door and hallways.

Basement Remodeling

A basement is one or more floors of a building that is either completely or partially below ground level. Basements are typically used as utility space for housing such items as the furnace; water heater; air-conditioning system, cable television, electrical distribution systems, and laundry appliances. Why not get more out of that space?!

Before considering any basement remodeling, you must be confident the area will remain dry. Mack and Sons has been waterproofing basements for decades. We will evaluate your structure and topography to determine what waterproofing technique is right for your property.

Once your basement is watertight, it needn’t remain just a utility space. We can help transform it into a fashionable and comfortable living area. Imagine the benefits of a play room, fitness center, bar, mother-in-law suite, extra bedroom, or finished laundry room. You already have the space. Let us help you convert it into an integral part of your home. We can ad framing, plumbing, electrical, heating, carpeting, and other amenities to make this area useful and enjoyable. A basement remodel is sometimes more beneficial than building an addition.


No component in your home receives more wear and tear than your floors. For this reason, we suggest selecting the type of suitable flooring before considering the appearance. There are many decorative options within most floor types, but you will not be happy with any of them unless you get the wear-ability you need.

Here are some basic questions to ask while going through the selection process:

  • What traffic will the area receive?
  • What floor preparation is needed?
  • What maintenance will be required?
  • What is the product’s durability?
  • What warranty comes with it?
  • What is my cost allowance?
  • What look do I want?

Mack and Sons can install most of your flooring needs. Below are some possibilities:

•  Poured Concrete •  Linoleum
•  Hardwood •  Laminate
•  Stone/Marble •  Carpet
•  Tile •  Heated Flooring
•  Vinyl Commercial Tile

Proper installation is important to get the appearance and longevity you want from your floor product. With our years of experience and our expertly trained installers you can be certain the job will be done right. We stand behind our work with an installation warranty for the life of the product.

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