Mack and Sons offers a variety of electrical services to commercial and residential customers. The average home in America is 44 years old. Many owners of older homes don’t know the vulnerability of their wiring. Even home inspectors are limited in what they can evaluate since the wiring is concealed behind walls. Mack and Sons has decades of experience working on older homes and can update the electric wiring and load in your home to accommodate current demands safely.

Even relatively modern homes were not wired to handle the ever-increasing influx of electrical appliances, tools, toys, gadgets and entertainment equipment. As a result, even newer homes may be in need of some electrical upgrade.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about the wiring  in your home.

  • Am I considering a major renovation or home addition?
  • Am I using 60 Amp or 100 Amp electrical service?
  • Is my panel box making a crackling sound?
  • Do my fuses blow regularly?
  • Do my circuit breakers trip frequently?
  • Are my appliances struggling to run on Full Power?
  • Do my lights flicker?
  • Are my outlets 2-pronged (non-grounded)?
  • Do I use multiple extension cords?
  • Do I need a sub panel?
  • Do I need a 240v circuit?
  • Is a power surge arrestor needed?
  • Is a ground fault interrupter (GFI) outlet required?
  • Has my insurance company requested an upgrade?

Mack and sons can also provide new electrical service and wiring to whatever building, home or structure you might need energized. We have worked on homes, barns and milking parlors, garages, professional buildings, schools, and other buildings in our long history of providing electrician services.

Whatever your electrical service and repair needs, you can depend on Mack & Sons to deliver focused dependable service. Our dedicated staff can install just about anything electrical you can think of in just about any location you can imagine it.

Contact Mack and Sons with any of your electrical questions or concerns.

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