Increase your homes comfort!

Heated Floors?

It is that time of year, when you start to notice how cold your floors are.  People all across the country are looking for their slippers, house shoes, thermal socks and any number of ways to keep the feet warm.  If this sounds like you there is an alternative.  HEATED FLOORS!

Heated flooring has come a long way in the last several years.  Effecient, easy to install and comfortable raidant heating systems are available for almost all types of applications.  The new product offerings products for inside and outside your home.

Mack and Sons now offers floor heating systems from Warmly Yours.  Click on this link to find out more information   Warming carpet, tile or laminate floors is easy now!  Snow melting systems outside your front door, on your roof or even a side walk is easy to control from the comfort of inside your home.  To increase your comfort this winter there are towel warmers, mirror defoggers, radiant panels, and under desk heaters.

Call Mack and Sons and we will happily meet with you  and discuss options, installation procedures, and costs associated with increasing the comfort of you home!

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