Siding, Shutters and Gutters

Siding, Shutters and Gutters

Has it become time to spruce up your siding? There are myriads of features guaranteed to satisfy your dream-home imagination. From rustic wood looks to contemporary finishes, Mack and Sons can introduce you to most any look you may envision.

Hundreds of combinations are available. You may choose from brand name siding, shutters, trim, shingles, windows and doors. We can dress your home in siding made of vinyl, aluminum, or steel. Brick and stone are great options used in place of siding or just for accent. Shingle siding is another accent alternative. And, you can select cladding to accentuate any look you choose.

Poorly designed siding can be deceptively appealing. Mack and Sons may recommend insulation as well as vapor and wind barriers. Though hidden from view, once installed, these will shield your home from climate elements more than the beautiful siding you see. We do quality work and guarantee it with an installation warranty for the life of the selected products.

Computers have now made it possible to show you what your home modifications will look like upon completion. Mack and Sons is one of an elite group of contractors trained and licensed to use HomeVisions, an imaging software developed by Norandex Building Material Distribution. We can download a digital photo of your home and transform it on-screen with siding, windows, doors, roofing, and more.

Gutters are another important part of the exterior of your home. No longer are they merely for keeping water channeled away from your home. They can also be used to add color and details to the outside of your home. Gutter guards are another option to consider.

Let Mack and Sons help you get started with your exterior remodel project.


For years contractors have endeavored to show the home owner what a project would look like upon completion. Computers have now made this effort possible.

HomeVisions is a computer software program designed by Norandex Building Material Distribution. A digital photo of any home can be downloaded into the program. A technician then manipulates the photo by substituting new products where the existing features had been. The result is amazingly realistic. The program can change siding, windows, doors, roofing, and more while preserving trees, bushes and other landscaping.

As new products and colors become available, upgrades are down-loaded. Consumers watch their homes being transformed with the latest products and colors. A skilled technician can even add an addition to the visual with lifelike reality. HomeVisions has taken much of the risk out of remodeling. Home owners can pursue their dreams with confidence.

Norandex provides HomeVisions to an elite group of contractors who are licensed and trained. Mack and Sons is the local contractor to take advantage of this incredible imaging tool.

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