Aging in Place

Aging In Place

The service industry is always changing. Consumers determine where it will go next. One thing we’re hearing from you is that you want Mack and Sons to help make you comfortable and safe as you enter your twilight years. We have searched the product market and found wonderful resources to help give you confidence and security living in your own home as you age.

We can widen your exterior and interior doorways, build easy-use ramps, and install chair-lifts or residential elevators to provide access to all the floors in your home. Strategically placed hand rails and grab bars are at high demand as are walk-in tubs, specialty showers, and elevated commodes. Well lit work spaces, stairs, halls, and doorways are recommended, as is skid resistant flooring.

You needn’t sacrifice beauty. Many products are available in various materials, styles, finishes and colors as manufacturers become more sensitive to the need for diversity in style. Mack and Sons will help you find what you need and want.

Moving your laundry room from the basement to a more accessible area in your home may also become important. We have installed laundry facilities near bedrooms, inside bathrooms, on the main floor or in the garage. This makes the chore of washing so much easier.

Let us come to your home or business. We can help you design the improvements you need to preserve the confidence and independence you value.

Aging In Place Safety Checklist

There are many considerations when planning floor layout, work space, and storage. The list provided here is intended to assist you in deciding what features you would like to include. Safety features are more easily installed in new construction and remodeling than after the project is completed.

Floor plans:

  • Are all the rooms in living area on the main floor?
    • With no steps between rooms?
    • Is the laundry room on the main floor?
  • Does each room allow 5’ x 5’ turning space?

Multi-story homes:

  • Do stairways have:
    • Contrasting tread and riser colors?
    • Unique marking for top and bottom steps?
    • Adequate lighting?
    • Adequate hand rails?
  • Is the home equipped with elevator or chair-lift?
  • For future revisions are there:
    • Are there stacked closets or similar that could be converted into an elevator shaft?
    • Or is the stairway 4’ wide stairway to accommodate a chair-lift?
  • Is there a convenient laundry chute arrangement?


  • Is the slope no greater than 1” per 12” length?
  • Are there adequate handrails?
  • Is there a 5’ landing at the entrance?
  • Does it have 2’ curbs for safety?


  • Do you have adjustable closet rods and shelves?
  • Are closets lighted?
  • Do doors open easily without obstructing access?

Electrical, Lighting, Safety and Security:

  • Are light switches near each door and hall?
  • Do light units have 2 bulbs in vital locations (exits, baths)?
  • Are switches, thermostats, etc. no higher than 48” from the floor?
  • Is access space in front of switches 30” x 48”?
  • Do you need rocker or touch light switches?
  • Does doorbell, telephone, smoke or CO2 detectors trigger an audible & visible strobe light?
  • Is there remote monitoring of heat, air-conditioning, security, lighting and TV?
  • Are thermostats and other controls easy to read?
  • Can thermostats and other controls be preprogrammed?
  • Is there a flashing porch light or 911 switch?
  • Is your home direct wired to police, fire, and/or EMS?
  • Is the home wired for security?
  • Is the home wired for computers?


  • Are interior and exterior floor surface non-glare, slip resistant and smooth?
  • Is carpet pile less than .50” high with firm pad?
  • Is the border where surface heights and textures change easily visible?

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning:

  • Are filters for HVAC systems easily accessible?
  • Are HVAC components energy efficient?
  • Are there windows for cross ventilation and fresh air?


  • Are handles lever or pedal controlled?
  • Are water temperatures set to avoid scalding?
  • Are fixtures pressure balanced?

Kitchen and Laundry Checklist

Work surfaces and storage:

  • Can the height of counters be safely adjusted?
  • Are there multi-level work areas for cooks of different heights?
  • Is there an open, under-counter seated work area?
  • Are upper cabinets 3” lower than conventional height?
  • Are counter edges visually marked?
  • Is counter space ample for dish landing near all appliances?
  • Do base units have roll out trays or lazy susans?
  • Is there pull-down shelving?
  • Are there loop handles for easy grip and pull?
  • Are there glass front cabinet doors?
  • Can frequently used items be stored on easy-access shelving?
  • Is there adequate lighting for each work area?


  • Are controls easy to read?
  • Are controls easy to reach?
  • Are both washer and dryer front loading?
  • Are both washer and dryer raised 12” – 17” above floor level?
  • Is the floor space around appliances adequate for wheel chair maneuverability?
  • Is microwave at counter level?
  • Is the freezer / refrigerator the side-by-side type?
  • Is the oven side-swing or wall style?
  • Is dishwasher raised with pushbutton controls?
  • Does the electric cooktop:
    • Have level burners for safe transfer of heated items?
    • Is the surface lighted when hot?
    • Are there front controls?
    • Have a downdraft feature?

Bathroom Checklist


  • Can the height of counters be safely adjusted?
  • Are edges visually marked?
  • Is floor space wheelchair maneuverable?
  • Are there grab bars around tub, shower, shower seat, and toilet?
  • Are grab bars adequate to support 250-300 pounds?
  • Is shower curbless with at least 36” walls?
  • Is the bathtub low enough for easy access?
  • Is there a fold-down shower seat?
  • Are the tub and shower controls positioned for easy use?
  • Does shower stall have built-in antibacterial protection?
  • Is the shower stall lighted?
  • Is the toilet height 2 ½ inches higher than standard height?
  • Can toilet paper rolls be changed with one hand?
  • Is the sink wall-mounted so knees fit beneath yet are protected from pipes?
  • Is the flooring in the bathroom and shower area slip-resistant?

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